November 2019 Newsletter

Kent County SECAC – Executive Functioning Presentation by Elizabeth Proffitt –

We’re excited to announce Dr. Culotta will be attending the SECAC Presentation about executive functioning by Elizabeth Proffitt, chair of Kent County SECAC.


Even though this talk isn’t offered to the public, to learn more about executive function please contact NBA.

Harford County SECAC: Executive Functioning

Dr. Culotta will be giving a presentation at Harford County SECAC on May 7th, 2019 at 7:00 pm on Executive Functioning.

Harford County SECAC is a committee used to enhance the partnerships of students, families, community leaders, organizations, educators and administrators through discussions that focus on the enrichment of services and opportunities for students with disabilities […]

April 2019 Newsletter

Private Practice: Bringing Neuroscience to the Public

Dr. Blackwell and Dr. Culotta will be presenting at Kennedy Krieger Institute’s Professional Development Seminar on Private Practice: Bringing Neuroscience to the Public.

They will provide neuropsychology fellows with information about trends in private practice as a neuropsychologist. A day in the life as a neuropsychologist in private practice will be detailed, from business practices […]

Life with a Psychology Degree

Dr. Culotta will be participating in a panel discussion and networking event for the students at Penn State University. He will describe his experience and the career path he took that led him to his current position.  Students will have the opportunity to ask Dr. Culotta questions during the one hour long panel event.

Autism Spectrum Disorders: From Biology to Behavior

Dr. Culotta will be presenting at the John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab on recent CDC reports and the continuing rise in the incidence rate of Autism Spectrum Disorders.

This presentation will explore current studies examining genetic and environmental factors likely to play a role in ASD, related genetic disorders with an increased risk for autism, and […]

What’s New Newsletter

What’s new at NeuroBehavioral Associates?

This year, NeuroBehavioral Associates is adding a new service, Neuropsychologically Informed Strategic Psychotherapy (NISP). NISP relies upon the relationship between brain and behavior as a foundation for approaching psychotherapy and consultation services.

The services will be provided by Dr. Ilana Levy-Paris, a licensed psychologist with specialized training in neuropsychology. Dr. Levy-Paris earned […]

January 2019 Newsletter

International Neuropsychology Society Conference 2019

Dr. Culotta, Dr. Blackwell, and interns from NeuroBehavioral Associates will be presenting 3 posters at this year’s 47th Annual International Neuropsychology Society’s conference in New York, New York.  The conference will be held from February 20th through February 23rd.  the following research case studies will be presented:


Culotta, S. O., Wegfahrt, M. E., and Blackwell, M. […]