What people are saying about us…

“We were first referred to Dr. Culotta by a friend who had highly recommended him.  Our son was diagnosed with what was then called PDD-NOS by our public school’s Psychiatrist.  We were looking for answers, as our son was very high-functioning and we felt that the diagnosis was vague and given only to help us justify keeping his IEP.  We wanted a very highly skilled Neuropsych doctor who could confirm the diagnosis and give us more personalized attention. We found Dr. Culotta and his staff very professional and well versed in the latest information related to Autism Spectrum Disorders.  During our discussions of our son’s case, Dr. Culotta had references at the ready for us to look at in order to deepen our understanding of the information he presented to us.

Dr. Culotta was able to confirm for us that the ASD diagnosis was indeed correct.  We were able to learn the specifics of the disorder and what to expect from our son as he grows and matures. We learned what we need to put in place in order for our son to have the best possible outcome in his adulthood, and an independent, socially successful life.

Based on what we learned from Dr. Culotta, we were able to ask for more supports for our son in his IEP.  We were able to change supports that were not effective, and put more helpful ones in place.  We learned our rights as parents, and we learned to demand what our son needed from his school backed up by the facts and research he shared with us.  Dr. Culotta was able to point us in the right direction in our search for an appropriate private school for our son as we move forward into the Middle School phase of his education.

Further, after our private school tours led us to a particular school, we had some difficultly with the admissions process.  During our son’s shadow day at the private school, his anxiety caused him to withdraw from participating in the classroom activities.  Based on this, the school declined to admit our son.  We called Dr. Culotta asking him for his help in painting a true picture of our son to the school, one that the school could not see based on just one school day. Very quickly, Dr. Culotta intervened on our behalf.  Because of his trusted reputation, the school did offer our son admission on the condition that he participate in their summer program where he will get accustomed to the routine.

Anyone with a child on the Spectrum knows that life has many victories, but also many trials and tribulations.  With the right support behind you, you can be prepared to go to the mat for your child with confidence.  Dr. Culotta is one of the people who have provided this all-important support to our family.  We know that we can approach him at any time for advice or assistance. We have made so many positive changes armed with the information Dr. Culotta and his staff were able to provide.”

“We have seen improvement in just the few months since he has been in your office, maturity is beginning to set in. We truly appreciate all of your expertise and support in helping our son succeed and reach his full potential.”
“It has been an honor to have hired Dr. Culotta’s office to implement Neuropsychological Testing with my own daughter. Under his guidance, the staff working within this practice successfully assessed my daughter, and they provided crucial data that has allowed her to succeed in school. I have also had the privilege of recommending this practice and working with him, as he provided expert testimony on behalf of my clients. He was instrumental in providing the necessary information for successful outcomes with any and all client’s whom I have recommended his services.”
“You really changed my life when you diagnosed me with Asperger’s Syndrome. I used to spend a lot of my time reading fiction, playing computer games, and watching TV, cartoons, and anime. I realized today that I’ve hardly done any of that in months. I’m so absorbed in my passion for science and in enjoying my social life that I no longer have the attention for those things. I’m happy, fulfilled, and successful because you gave me the self-understanding to create a more appropriate, supportive life around my strengths.”