NeuroBehavioral Associates provides comprehensive neuropsychological consultation and assessment for children, adolescents and adults with known or suspected attention, learning, or neurodevelopmental disorders. Consultations and assessments are aimed at providing a diagnostic formulation, assessing strengths and weaknesses, and forming an appropriate intervention plan. Our assessments are designed to give practical and specific recommendations to support children and adolescents. We work closely with a network of psychiatrists, behavioral health professionals, educational consultants, and tutorial services to support progress. Our assessments are consistent with requirements of standardized testing services such as ETS and colleges and universities in order to provide appropriate accommodations and modifications. Our staff routinely attends IEP meetings, as requested by parents and consultants.

Components of a Comprehensive Neuropsychological Evaluation:

  • intellectual/cognitive ability
  • academic skills
  • attention and concentration
  • fine motor/visual motor skills
  • verbal and visual learning and memory skills
  • executive function skills
  • social/emotional functioning