Lectures and Workshops

Dr. Culotta and his colleagues are available to provide presentations, lectures, and workshops regarding a variety of topics including:

  • Social Media and Video Games: A Neuroscience Perspective
  • Neurodevelopment and Learning Disorders
  • Setting Healthy Limits on the Virtual World
  • Autism Spectrum Disorders and DSM-V Changes and Implications
  • The Teen Brain – A Work in Progress
  • Mood, Mind, and ADHD
  • Executive Functions and Asperger’s: Implications of Advancing Neuroscience
    • Tips for Back-To-School Success
  • Neuroscience Update: Executive Functions and Dyslexia
  • Neuroscience Update: ADHD and Executive Functions
  • What Lies Beneath the Numbers: Neuropsychological Assessment
  • Neuroscience and Learning
  • The Neurobiology of Reading Differences
  • Criminal Culpability and the Teen Brain
  • Wired Differently: Managing Learning Differences in the Classroom
  • Post-Secondary Planning in Adolescents with Learning and Attention Disorders
  • The Neuroscience of ADHD and Anxiety
  • Succeeding with Learning Differences: Transforming Liabilities into Assets
  • The Role of Gender in Education: A Neuroscience Perspective

Please call our office manager to schedule a brief telephone appointment to discuss your needs and information regarding the topics above.