How To Get More Out of Screen Time With Your Child

Deciding how much screen time to allow your child, and how to use that screen time, is an increasingly common concern. Children are learning to use smartphones, tablets, and computers at younger and younger ages, leaving parents to wonder how best to use these devices in a healthy way.

While the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests […]

How the Internet Age Can Affect Memory

Now, more than ever, cutting edge information and technology are right at our fingertips. With the growth of the Internet Age, scientists are giving thought to the effects Internet use may have on cognitive functioning. A variety of opinions surround the question of ways Internet use could affect cognition, specifically memory. Some researchers believe the […]

Sleep Patterns & ADHD

Challenges pertaining to sleep loss are common among children and adults diagnosed with ADHD. In fact, there seems to be a cyclical relationship between poor sleep and the behaviors associated with ADHD. Poor sleep can lead to problems with behavior and cognitive functioning which, in turn, may lead to further disturbances in sleep patterns.

The […]

Understanding Your Child’s Learning Disability

Discovering that their child has a learning disability can be fear-provoking for parents. If they lack prior experience with learning disabilities, parents may feel as though they are facing uncharted territory. However, understanding the dynamics of what is happening in the mind of a child with a learning disability can help diminish fears.     
What Are […]

Dispelling Myths About Left Brain/Right Brain

Perhaps you have wondered, at one time or another, about your unique characteristics as a person.  Maybe you have contemplated the experiences that led you to a favorite hobby or questioned why your greatest challenge is someone else’s strength.  Often these self-reflections lead to thoughts of left-brain versus right-brain dominance such as, “I’m bad at […]

5 Steps to Improving Memory

Memory is at the center of everything we do. From routine daily tasks to the unique components that make up our individual personalities, humans constantly tap into their memory “banks.”  For that reason, the idea of losing access to the important details of life through memory loss can be fear-provoking. Luckily, there are ways to […]

IEP vs 504 Plan

Parents wish for their child to get the most out of their education, to excel at what they enjoy, give their best effort to what they find challenging and to discover their own success. Knowing the best route for doing so can be a daunting decision for any parent, especially for those of students with […]

Reading Out Loud Improves Memory

With the school year winding down, end-of-the-year testing and final exams are in full-force throughout area schools. If you’re looking for ways to improve your young person’s memory of learned material, reading aloud is a simple, surprisingly effective skill to add to their studying tool box. In several studies, reading materials aloud has been shown to […]

What Are Special Needs Trusts and Why Do You Need Them?

When preparing your will with the intention of leaving money or property to a family member with special needs, it’s vital to consider the impact of such bequeathals on their ability to receive assistance from important government programs, like Supplemental Security Income and Medicaid. There are also other financial circumstances beyond wills that could impact […]

College Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Going to college is a stressful situation on its own, even without additional factors added in. For students with disabilities, the transition to a new, faster-paced environment can be a challenge. Fortunately, universities in the US are required by the Americans with Disabilities Act to make reasonable accommodations when a student reports a disability of […]