6 Myths About IEPs

This school year might be over, but the summer break provides a prime opportunity for you to learn even more about your student’s needs. The summer is a great time to read essential neurobehavioral development books, as well to plan and prepare for next school year. If your child has never been in school, or […]

4 Currently Trending Topics In the Neurobehavioral World: May 2019

Legal and therapeutic changes affecting conditions from dyslexia to ASD have been in the news this month, as well as growing calls for more recess time in schools and a glimpse at how the court system is affecting families fighting for their children’s educational rights in Maryland. Here’s a closer look at some of this […]

Putting Together a Sensory Toolkit for Summer Travel

Planning a summer vacation for a child with a sensory processing disorder involves careful planning. While popular vacation spots are becoming more and more autism spectrum disorder and special needs-friendly, families still worry about their child becoming overwhelmed during the roadtrip, flight, or even the trip location itself. One helpful planning trick is to prepare […]

10 Parks That Are Becoming More Accessible For Children With ASD

In 2014, 1 in 50 Maryland children were identified with autism spectrum disorder according to the Maryland Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Program.(1) With the 2nd highest rate of autism in the country (2), many Maryland families are looking to the rise in sensory-friendly theme parks for potential vacation options this summer. Planning a trip […]

How a New Down Syndrome Research Center Could Improve Lives

Down syndrome is a chromosomal condition that is found in 1 of every 700 babies born in the United States.(1) Down syndrome occurs as the result of either a partial or a completely whole extra copy of chromosome 21. Since its first acknowledgment in medical literature back in 1866,(1) there have been incredible advances in […]

Considering the Future of College Admission…For Students with Disabilities

Earlier this month, federal investigators arrested numerous high-profile parents, including lawyers, executives, CEOs, and well-known entertainers, for their involvement in a college admissions scandal. The more than 30 involved parties, led by a private college admissions adviser, used bribery and deceptive tactics to guarantee the admission of their children into prestigious colleges, such as UCLA, […]

Creative Writing Resources for Dyslexic Writers

Students with dyslexia struggle with more than just reading and writing. These students are also more likely than other students to experience low self-esteem and even anxiety surrounding the school experience. Certain common teaching tactics, such as class read alouds, can be incredibly distressing for students with dyslexia. Note taking, too, can be a struggle. […]

5 Resources in Maryland For Parents of Children With ASD

If you have a child with autism spectrum disorder, you can likely clearly recall the day of the diagnosis. Parents who learn that their child has special needs or differences often quickly feel a wide range of emotions, from confusion and fear to generally feeling completely overwhelmed. Luckily, Maryland has a wealth of resources to […]

Understanding Anxiety Disorders: 5 Signs to Recognize

It’s quite likely that at some point in your daily life, you’ve heard someone reference anxiety. Unfortunately, these references often don’t truly represent an actual anxiety disorder, and can be confusing, or even damaging to those experiencing signs and symptoms of an actual anxiety condition. We’re all familiar with casual phrases like, “I’m so OCD,” […]

Who Is Qualified to Diagnose Autism Spectrum Disorder?

If you suspect your child may have autism spectrum disorder, your first plan of action will be to seek out a highly-qualified professional for potential diagnosis and subsequent therapies. In 2018, the CDC determined that Maryland has the second highest rate of autism spectrum diagnosis in the country, with 1 in 55 children having been […]