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Drs. Blackwell and Culotta recently published an article for Pathfinders for Autism on “Parent Tips for Staying Ahead of the Game: The DSM-5 and Autism.”
Staying Ahead of the Game: The DSM-5 and Autism
By Melissa C. Blackwell, Psy.D. and Vincent P. Culotta, Ph.D, ABN, NeuroBehavioral Associates

This is an October 2015 update to our 2013 article Parent Tips: […]

Pediatric Prime Time

On Saturday, September 12, 2015, Dr. Culotta will present at the Annual Fall Educational Event  for the Maryland Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics regarding video games and today’s kids.


Recently Published

Dr. Culotta and his colleagues recently published, “School Success for Children with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders”

MD Special Education

Check this out! Maryland Special Education - Shifting the Burden of Proof in Special Education, see the fact sheet here

Psychological Injury

Expert Testimony in Psychological Injury: The Special Case of the Child, By: Dr. Vincent Culotta and Dr. Michael O’Connell

Effect of Video Games

Dr. Vincent Culotta recently presented to faculty and parents of The Auburn School of Baltimore

Neuroscience & Social Media

Dr. Vincent Culotta was recently invited to speak at Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory regarding Neuroscience & Social Media