Treatment Services

Neuropsychologically Informed Strategic Therapy (NIST) relies upon the relationship between brain and behavior as a foundation for approaching psychotherapy and consultation services.

Services will be provided by a licensed psychologist with specialized training in neuropsychology. Our therapist will employ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy strategies (CBT), review Individualized Education Plans and Behavioral Plans. We will assist children and parents with ADHD and executive function challenges. Our services will support families of children and adolescents with complex neurodevelopmental disorders including Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Individuals and families who may benefit from therapy services include:

  • Individuals or families requiring additional support following the completion of the neuropsychological assessment. Such support may include more in-depth review of results and assistance in the implementation of home, school, and community
  • Children and families struggling with neurodevelopmental disorders impacting family relationships and daily life.
  • Individuals in need of coaching sessions in order to learn and improve parenting strategies to better cope with strong-willed children or children with other neurodevelopmental differences.
  • Brief therapy targeting attention and memory or executive skills training.

We will offer groups focusing on the parenting of children who learn differently and individualswith memory issues and aging.